432 pages of love

The book is and was an integral part of the 2007-2008 retrospective exhibit event. Expressing belief systems and psychic connections it represents the published heart and soul of Sands's work / thought.
Available directly from Sands by clicking here or sending an email to and mailing an inquiry. The cost is 25 euros + shipping.

Profeminist WHITE FLOWERS 2007

Example pages

Kathleen Wentrack
Ray Johnson in spirit
Simon Leung in spirit
Stefanie Trojan
Carolee Schneemann
Howardena Pindell
Tracey Emin
Senga Nengudi
Jim Clark
Mary Beth Edelson
Ernesto Pujol
Frederikke Hansen
Elke Krystufek
Slavco Dimitrov
Lorraine O’Grady
Lila Emily Lundquist
Delphine Bedel
Line S. Karlstroem
Rini Antonissen in spirit
Christian Detlefsen
Claudia Reinhardt
Maria Pask
Poppy Johnson in spirit
Lene Baadsvig and Sara Sølberg Norway
Andy Tauer
Vero Kern in spirit
Konstantin M. Mihov in spirit
Kate Millett in spirit
Linda M. Montano in spirit
Annie Sprinkle in spirit
Uli Aigner
Hannah Wilke in spirit
Norma Isaacs in spirit
Henny and Fred Wassink-Dijks in spirit
Ragen and Marjorie Murray-Horwitz in spirit
Laura R. Murray in spirit
Delaine Le Bas in spirit
Dawn M. Spencer Hurwitz in spirit
Guy Hocqhenghem in spirit
Semira Dallali in spirit
Kirsten Justesen in spirit
Moshekwa Langa in spirit
Peter Brandt
Joanna Frueh in spirit
Robin Pascal Dijks Horwitz Wassink-Murray
Geoff Hendricks in spirit
Minor White in spirit
Katrina Daschner
David Medalla in spirit
Eva Hesse in spirit
Jun Yang in spirit
Ali Janka in spirit
Harmony Hammond in spirit
June and Leonard Horwitz-Isaacs in spirit
Lady Betsie Bubbles
Dorothy Murray in spirit
Debbie Wacks in spirit
Cecilie A. Størkson in spirit
Bob Ault in spirit
Bas Meerman in spirit
Jean Bass in spirit
Victoire Gobin Daude in spirit
Mandy Aftel in spirit
Adrian Margaret Smith Piper in spirit
Paul Thek in spirit
Jill Johnston in spirit.